About The Brand

Eli7 Designs is not a brand founded to chase after trends--it's been the medicine for the cold you never even realized you had!

Unlike other brands trending today, Eli7 Designs is not a brand that was created as a '' reactionary response" to current events, it actually officially launched in 2019. It was not a response to the BLM movement in 2020, or the spikes in antisemitism in America in 2021 and 2023. It existed completely independent of these events because it was founded out of necessity, not as a reaction.

Browse various collections for those who love to blend the world of comfort & fashion while empowering themselves at the exact same time. Each collection includes a range of pieces that are designed to appeal to anyone, from the minimalists to the lovers of vibrant graphics. 

All products are manufactured by non sweatshop companies. Ethical production sources is imperative to ensure the high quality and high ethics of the brand. 

There's something for everyone here-- are you ready for this?

The Eli7Designs Team of One  ☝🏾