A Set You Have to Get!

A Set You Have to Get!

The Stronger than Yesterday  sweatshirt and leggings set encompasses the powerful message of the song " Stronger " by Britney Spears. It's a song that seems so simple but holds so much meaning. She might be talking about getting out of an abusive relationship  and being independent, but the words from her song go farther than that situation.

There are those who are struggling to survive from paycheck to paycheck, those who are struggling to pass their final exams, those who are struggling to survive their experiences of abuse, those who are struggling to achieve their dream-- the list goes on and on.

Fighting so hard can leave you so drained and feeling hopeless. But what you don't know is that everyday that you wake up to fight for your survival again means that you are now Stronger than Yesterday.

The sweatshirt is soft and made with brushed fleece. It's a super durable fabric as well. The leggings are made with comfortable microfiber yarn making them the ultimate perfect yoga pants.

If you purchase the leggings and sweatshirt together you will get a special discount-- 15% off! Just use the coupon code SET101  in your cart.

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