About the Creator

Hey you, my name is Elisheva! 

I created Eli7Designs because I felt that it was time for a new kind of indie empowerment apparel brand. I crafted the vibe of the brand based directly on my own personal experiences and on the amazing humans I have encountered in my life.

Being Born a Black Dark Skinned American Orthodox Jewish Girl, these 5 parts of my identity were constantly a source of controversy for many. But I have learned that  every single part of my identity is beautiful and unique.

Meeting amazing humans in my life has given me so much hope and inspiration daily. Some of these people don't even know how amazing it is that they truly are! 

That's why my brand's main focus is on empowerment.  

My one true wish is that people can pick up some of my apparel, smile and wear them with pride in who they are. 

This is only the beginning of using fashion as a movement to love, heal and empower.  I can't wait to see you expressing yourselves in my apparel.